The Daily 5 and the CAFE Menu

The Daily 5 is really taking off in Foundation B! Part of the Daily 5 is using the CAFE menu to help us develop and use a variety of reading strategies to help us become better readers.

CAFE stands for:

C – Comprehension

A – Accuracy

F – Fluency

E – Expand Vocabulary

During our reading sessions in the daily 5, we learn and revise a new strategy for reading. So far we have learnt the following strategies:


  • Check for Understanding – after each page stop and check who was it about? what happened?


  • Cross-checking – try and read the word and ask yourself: Do the picture and/or letters in the word match what Iam saying? Does it sound right and does it make sense?
  • Use beginning and ending sounds – look at the first and the last sound in a word

Expand Vocabulary

  • Tune into interesting words – be on the look out for new and interesting words and use these words in writing and speech


This week we will introduce the FFluency component of the menu.

We will also learn another strategy for Comprehension – back up and re-read.


Try using some of these strategies at home with your take home book.

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